For The Love Of Pink!


Who doesn’t love pink! As little girls we are taught that pink is such a pretty and cute color. When I had my Daughter, it was pink EVERYTHING! Completely over kill :-) So much so, that when my Daughter was around 5 years old she refused to wear and be seen in pink :-D.

It’s only recently (she is now 12) that she has started to like the color and incorporate it into her wardrobe. I have always been a huge lover of pink, whether it’s a dark pink to a powder pink. I think all shades of pink are so gorgeous.

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Pink is a color that EVERYONE can pull off!


STILA Costum blend blush $20.00


URBAN DECAY  Heavy metal glitter liner $19.00


BARE MINERALS bare minerals READY eyeshadow $30.00


CIATE Lashlights “famous-pink” $17.00


SEPHORA COLLECTION Travel essential brush set $20.00


SMASHBOX Be legendary lipstick “Hot pink” $ 20.00

Pink everything…dont you just love it💗

Sephora it is…..again :-)


On my last visit to Sephora I found  this little beauty, the Colorful 5 Eyeshadow palette from the Sephora Collection. 

Where the packaging might not be much to write home about the eye shadows more than make up for. Lovely stables such as purple, brown and blues. Easy to blend and high in pigment. I especially like the blue palette (shown in the picture). The dark blue shimmer color in this palette is to die for. Do not forget to add primer to your eyes first, to make the eye shadow stay on longer.

The palettes come in 10 different combinations that can be mixed and matched complete with an applicator and mirror.


s1582832-main-Lhero $25.00

My Time With Robin Williams….throwback Thursday


This week we were all extremely saddened to hear about the death of our beloved Actor Robin Williams. He brought laughter to so many and starred in countless movies. I had the incredible honor of working with him on a few projects and wanted to share one of my fond memories of him with y’all.

The first time I met Robin Williams was when I worked with Columbia Tristar (UK division) in 1999. At the time I lived in the UK and he had come to do his promotional tour there for his movie “Jacob The Liar” . I was soooo excited to be offered the job as his makeup artist and I humbly and gratefully accepted :-).

It was early morning and being known as the “funny guy” I naively thought that he was going to come in happy and full of life (why I have no idea as I myself are NOT a morning person. Just ask my family :-) ). But what I got instead was a very grumpy and unhappy guy. Why was he unhappy?….because I was there, simple as that LOL. Mr. Williams was in no mood for being in my chair and told me that he had no need for makeup. We went back and forth on that a few times (yes when I work I’m quite forceful doesn’t matter who you are, as I get paid to get the job done :-) ). After persuading him in getting his makeup done he just sat there quietly, not happy but quietly :-).

By the time the cameras started rolling for his interviews he was “ON”. Jokes were rolling of his tongue and he had the whole room cracking up.

After we wrapped up, his Wife ( he was married to Marsha Garces at the time), Mr.Williams, myself and one of the producers, rode the elevator together and Mr. Williams smiled at me, gave me a BIG hug and said loudly Kim you are the BEST makeup artist ever!! . I said…that’s not what you said this morning. His Wife looked at me and we all started laughing, while he still had me locked in a tight bear hug. Now THAT put a BIG smile on my face :-) I will never forget that day.

R.I.P Robin Williams, loved by so many 1951-2014


This picture is from the London preview of “Jacob The Liar” , September the 13th 1999 the first time I worked and met Mr. Williams. Photo taken by Dave Benett.



Tom Ford is here!!


Tom Ford has for a long time been the chosen “IT” guy (if there is such a thing)  for famous rappers and fashionistas alike. He’s a man of many talents. Mostly known for his men and woman clothing line, eyewear, fragrance and accessory line, subject for a rap song by none other than famous rapper Jay Z and last but not least a highly celebrated film director.

A lot of people do not know that he actually directed the film “A single Man“. The film and it’s cast won numerous prestigious and national recognized awards.

Tom Ford is still rising high and has come out with a new fragrance  to dazzle us all, called “Velvet Orchid” . It’s a full-bodied fragrance. I personally would not recommend this for day time wear as I find it a little on the “heavy” side (unless you of course prefer a heavy perfume), very dramatic and sultry. Quite overpowering (and to me kind of “manly” smelling) in the beginning but will “settle” after a while to a nice smoky and fruity fragrance. I’m normally quite a fan of heavy-scented fragrances for night-time. But this one…..nice, but not for me :-)


Velvet Orchid $112.00


Welcome to NARS.


I absolutely adore the Satin Lip Pencil line from NARS. They come in non less than 20 different shades. But the 2 newly added colors makes it even better.

Mandore” which is limited edition, is a drop dead gorgeous vibrant red (love,love,love). The other new addition is “Bansar“, a wonderful rose brown color perfect for the fall. The pencils can be used for lining or all-over color. High in pigment and moisture.








The Satin Lip Pencils can be purchased in all major department stores, Sephora and online. $25.00


The Winner Is…….


A BIG congratulations to the winner of  my bi-monthly giveaway, Rosemary from tropical St. Thomas!! (one of my favorite Islands to visit) :-).

This is what Rosemary had to say about being the lucky winner:

Kim- THANK YOU so very much for the opportunity to win. I have been so inspired by you for many months now. Even though you don’t know me personally, you have accepted my friend request on FB, responded to my likes of your posting and even liked some of my postings. You are truly a genuine person! Keep being yourself and I wish you much success on your new blog (and everything else, of course!).

Rosemary’s winnings was a “Color My Life Eye & Lip Makeup Tablet” from the Sephora Collection. Enjoy!



Maybe It’s Maybelline!


As most of you know by now, I’m  not a “makeup snob” and I’m of the opinion that if you are a true makeup artist you can work with absolutely any makeup brand as long as it is of good quality. Whether it’s a high-end brand, or simply purchased from you local drug store, has no importance to me in getting my job done successfully.

Maybelline as we know it, is a stable on the market of makeup and has been around since 1915.  Earlier this year they launched a creamy blush stick (that only now I get around to trying…SO many products to try) , Face Studio Master Glaze. It comes in 6 gorgeous shades. High in pigment, buildable and leaves that wonderful dewy look. It’s fragrance free and suitable for all skin types.

One of the things that is really neat about it, is that it can also be used for your eyes or lips. How about that! And as usual Maybelline doesn’t leave anyone out. The blush stick is only $9.99. Who can argue with that price.





Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline :-)