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OK Ladies and Gents. It’s that time again where I pick a winner on my blog. At 4PM tomorrow, July 21st the winner will be picked. That still gives you a little time to sign up and be entered for the chance to win. Just “Follow blog via email”. Don’t forget to share this post on your Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter accounts (and other social media accounts you may have). But also tell your friends and family about this great chance. This is what our last winner Jalyssia had to say……

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I absolutely love everything that i received. I am a fairly new makeup enthusiast and all my new goodies have been a huge help in my experimenting journey. I had never used an eye shadow primer before and it is life changing! The eye shadow goes on much more vibrant and stays that way for much longer. The brushes feel so nice on my skin and I am enjoying figuring out what exactly im supposed to be doing with them lol love it all! Thanks!!”

So sign up NOW. You never know when your lucky day may come around :-)


Showcasing some of the brands that you can win.



Yeay!!! TARTE has come out with a gorgeous NEW limited eye and cheek paletteWonderful “husky” (don’t ask that word just came to mind and fitted) :-) and subtle colors. Great pigmentation and comes in the most divine and mysterious compact case. It’s the perfect palette to take with you on the go or your travels, as it entails everything you need for your eyes and cheeks.

One of the reasons that I like TARTE so much, as some of you might know by now. Is because their makeup is cruelty free and infused with skin invigorating ingredients. That makes it even better :-)



Rainforest After Dark Limited-Edition Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!!


My Saturday so far has been very productive. I got caught up on a lot of stuff and loose ends.

Due to my busy start on my day, I didn’t have time to look at my blog, until just now. And what a great surprise I got!!!! nominated me for the “Very inspiring blogger” award. Thank you SO much hotdoughandbun. I am totally flattered and it’s very much appreciated.

My blog is very new, so I’m extremely grateful for the love I’m being shown.


The rules for being nominated are as follows:
1) Thank and link the person(s) who nominated you (check)
2) List the rules and display the award (done that)
3) Share 7 facts about yourself (Here we go)
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7 facts about myself:

1. I am a perfectionist.

2. I was an Advertisement Designer for ALDI and other major companies, before I became a Makeup Artist.

3. I lived in London, England for 12 years of my life.

4. My number 1 priority is my family.

5. I speak more than 1 language fluently.

6. I suffer from a bad case of “sweet tooth” :-)

7. I find it difficult to talk/write about myself.

My 15 nominees:


















Keep Your Makeup On.


It’s 98 degrees outside and you are working up a sweat, trying to keep up with reapplying and retouching your makeup.

Here is a few simple and inexpensive steps that you can take to stay shine free throughout the day.

Make Up For Ever, Mist & Fix promises just that.  It’s lightweight and non sticky and suitable for all skin types. Apply it after you finish putting on your makeup and it will keep you shine free up til 12 hours. Not bad for such a little guy :-).


The other thing that is very helpful to carry around in your bag (I never leave home without them, especially summer time), is BOSCIA fashionably matte. They instantly blot away any excess oil and comes in a cute holder that has a built-in mirror. So wherever you are, you can check your makeup. %100 cruelty free.



If this is your first time trying either one of these products. I suggest that you start off with a travel size as shown.

Make Up For Ever Mist and, Fix travel size $12

BOSCIA fashionably Matte, limited edition $15

Can both be found at one of my favorite stores……yes you guys know it by now :-) Can be purchased online and in stores as well.


Who Is Going To Be The Winner?????



OK boy’s and gals. We are drawing close to that time again, where we are picking a random WINNER for the give away. All YOU have to do is follow via email sign up, found on the Home page on the right side. And please dont forget to tell your friends and family to do the same, and you are IN IT TO WIN IT. It’s THAT simple!!! Drawing date is July 21st. You can win anything from MAC, Sephora, NARS and Tarte to name a few.

Sign Up Now - blue


The Winner gets picked on July 21st. So hurryyyyyyy!!!! :-)

MAC Cosmetics Launches “Simpsons” Makeup Line.



Exciting news for all my MACaholics!!! MAC Cosmetics has created a “Simpsons” makeup line, as the hugely popular show celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The line is to be launched at this years Comic-Con in San Diego for one day only (Cosmic-Con July the 24-27).After that it will be available for purchase from July the 26th, at MAC’s Gaslamp location (234 Fifth Ave- Gaslamp District, San Diego, CA 92101).

For the ones that are not going to the Comic -Con, or simply live nowhere near San Diego. Online shoppers can indulge on August the 28th and the line hit stores September the 4th.

So what can we look forward too??? Well according to The Hollywood Reporter, the collection consist of a 10 piece collection, which entails Eye shadows, Lip glosses, Lashes and  Nail stickers. Can’t wait!!


Yves Saint Laurent (Review).


Yves Saint Laurent has come out with a NEW five color eye shadow palette (Couture Palette). They are beautifully presented in the YSL signature gold case with their embedded logo on top.

The colors are absolutely gorgeous and has a wide range of color combinations to choose from. Is high in pigment (just how I like it) and very easy to blend. Personally I find one of the bonuses of this product, is that ALL the palettes works very well together. So if you buy a few, you can “mix and match” them, to make up some of your own amazing looks.






Can be found at all leading Department stores and Sephora.